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Transportation/Personal Care Aide (Part-time @ $11.00/hr) - Senior Services

Transportation/Personal Care Aide (Part-time @ $11.00/hr) - Senior Services

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Human Services
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USD $11.00/Hr.
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Regular Part-Time

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The Salvation Army is Hiring! We are seeking individuals with a passion for helping others and a desire to do good in their own community.


The Senior Services Social Day Program has an immediate opening for a part-time Transportation/Personal Care Aide. The program location is conveniently located next to the Centro Bus Center on Salina St. This position is scheduled to work Monday-Friday from 7:00am-10:00am, and from 3:00pm-5:45pm.  


The Transportation/Personal Care Aide will assist participants of the Senior Services Social Day Program with:

*Embarking, riding, and disembarking the transporting vehicle,

*Routine daily personal care and meal service in accordance with each participant’s established care plan, and

*Planning and leading group and individual activities.



Operational Functions

  1. Ensures the Day Program Room is ready for receiving the participants each day.
  2. Reports all changes in the participant condition to the Program Manager or Director.
  3. Reports all observed or reported accidents and incidents to the Program Director immediately.
  4. Maintains the cleanliness and order of the program and storage rooms.
  5. Sets up the room for the program activities.
  6. Encourages/assists participants to participate in activities appropriate to their needs, desires and capabilities.
  7. Assists with the program activities as needed.
  8. Assists participants with preparing for their return home.
  9. Upon conclusion of activities, assist with clean up and organizes the program area at the end of the day.


Transportation Functions
  1. Provide safe door through door assistance with regard to transportation of participants of the Adult Day Program. This assistance includes: assisting participants in embarking and disembarking for the vehicle, secure wheelchairs with lock down straps, and assessing that seatbelts are secured.
  2. Accountable for accurate record keeping, daily statistics, pickup and delivery times on bus logs, and timely safety incident reporting.
  3. Assist with program and service delivery in the event of staff and volunteer shortages; attend supervision and required in-service training.
Planning/Organizing Activities
  1. Assist Program Manager with planning of creative and resident-focused recreational activities and special events that are tailored to the unique abilities, needs, and interests of participants, including development of new, creative activities
  2. Offers suggestions and comments on program performance/efficiency.

Personal Care Functions (per participant care plans)

  1. Follow established policies concerning exposure to blood/body fluids.
  2. Provide some or total assistance with personal care tasks of:
  • Shower or sponge bath if necessary
  • cleaning and filing finger nails and toe nails of non-diabetic participants
  • shaving with electric razor
  • oral hygiene and denture care
  • dressing
  • applying elastic stockings.
  1. Provide some or total assistance with skins care tasks of
  • back rubs,
  • massage of unbroken skin areas
  • applying non-prescription skin lubricant powders, lotions and creams
  1. Provide some or total assistance with toileting functions of:
  • Using urinal, commode or toilet
  • Applying/removing diapers
  • Changing/emptying bag of external catheter
  • Emptying bag of indwelling catheter
  • Daily external and indwelling catheter care of routine perineal care, emptying bag and measuring output
  1. Provide some or total assistance with mobility tasks of:
  • Using durable medical equipment (wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Using gate belt when walking
  1. Provide some or total assistance with transfer, positioning and range of motion tasks of:
  • Transfers from chair or wheelchair using proper body mechanics or sliding board.
  • To sitting or standing from chair or wheelchair using proper body mechanics or sliding board.
  • Positioning in chair or wheelchair using proper body mechanics or sliding board.
  • Performance of active range of motion exercises through coaching, reading and counting exercises and/or joint support
  1. Provide some or total assistance with using medical equipment and supply tasks of:
  • Braces, splints and slings
  • Applying, cleaning and storing artificial limbs and breasts
  • Checking and changing hearing aid batteries, adjusting volume and placing in ear
  1. Provide some or total assistance with self-administration of medication (participant directly swallows, applies, inhales, inserts or injects a medication into his or her own body) tasks of
  • Reminding participant to take medication
  • Reading label of medication to participant
  • Bringing medication and necessary supplies or equipment to the participant
  • Opening the container
  • Removing the proper amount to make medication available to the participant
  • Positioning the participant for medication administration
  • Providing liquids for swallowing the medication
  • Storing, cleaning and disposal of used supplies, equipment and disposal of insulin syringes
  1. Provide some or total assistance with checking weight of participant


Food Service/Nutrition Functions (per participant care plans)

  1. Prepare participants for meals and snacks (take to bathroom, wash hands, position at tables).
  2. Remain knowledgeable of dietary restrictions for participants.
  3. Serve food trays.
  4. Assist with feeding.
  5. Report changes in eating habits to Program Manager or Director.
  6. Keep water pitchers clean, filled with fresh water and within easy reach of participants, encouraging water throughout the day.
  7. Perform after meal care (remove trays, assist with cleaning hands, face, teeth and clothing)

Documentation Functions

  1. Records progress notes according to current documenting procedures (manual/electronic medical records etc).
  2. Track and record supporting notes as required by program.


  1. Assist to direct volunteers and students during activities.
  2. Maintain good communication skills and rapport with team members and various departments and informing supervisor of any problems or concerns.
  3. Attend staff meetings.


  • PCA Certified
  • High School Diploma/GED required. Associates degree preferred.
  • Minimum one year experience in geriatrics.
  • Computer and phone responsibilities.
  • Ability to reprioritize activities due to frequent interruptions.
  • Provide polite, courteous, personal care to arriving and departing Adult Day program participants.
  • Ability to read daily logs and record required information.

The Salvation Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration regardless of disability status, veteran status, or any other New York State or federally protected characteristic.