The Salvation Army

  • Assistant Facilities Manager

    Job Locations US-PA-Ellwood City
    Job ID
    Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance
    Compensation Min
    USD $33,000.00/Yr.
    Compensation Max
    USD $35,000.00/Yr.
    Regular Full-Time
  • Overview


    Job Summary: The duty of the Assistant Facilities Manager shall be to preserve, protect, maintain, operate and repair the entire physical property and facilities of Camp Allegheny.

    These duties should be performed in accordance with

      1. the mission, policies and procedures of The Salvation Army
      2. rules and regulations of the PA Department of Environmental Protection
      3. guidelines of the American Camping Association (ACA)

    In the absence of the Facilities Manager, provide general supervision and oversight of other Maintenance/Housekeeping team members.


    This is an exempt position with no specified hours. However, it is anticipated that the Assistant Facilities Manager will be on duty when hourly, non-exempt Maintenance and Housekeeping team members are on duty during the normal working hours for those hourly wage employees and at other times as assigned by the Facilities Manager. This will include weekend (Saturday and Sunday) duties.


    The Assistant Facilities Manager will also assume responsibility for after hours property security and handling emergency situations as they arise. These responsibilities will be shared with the Facilities Manager and scheduled as assigned by the Facilities Manager.


    The Assistant Facilities Manager will be on call for availability to respond as the second point of contact for response to emergency situations which affect the program operations, security, and/or continued operation of life support and safety components of all property and buildings. The Assistant Facilities Manager will be the first point of contact for response to these events in the absence of the Facilities Manager or as assigned by the Facilities Manager. To ensure the ability to respond to such emergency situations, the Assistant Facilities Manager will endeavor to be available at all times by radio when within radio range Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, or by cell phone when out of radio range and/or after the hours specified above. The only exception to this availability will be during approved absences (vacations, personal times, etc.) or sick days when the Facilities Manager has been notified of illness.




    Essential Functions:

    1. Hands-on participation in interior and exterior maintenance, painting, repairs and cleaning of site and all related buildings, structures, swimming pool, playing fields, playgrounds, grounds and utilities including Waste Water Treatment Plant.
    2. Contacting contractors and vendors as directed by supervisor(s) to obtain bids, services and other information pertaining to repairs or servicing of property, buildings, equipment, furnishings, utilities, etc. related to.

    3. Care of Grounds: All areas of the site are to be maintained as directed by supervisor(s) in a clean, neat, uncluttered, orderly condition at all times using proper equipment and materials. This will include, but not limited to: 

              1.  Picking-up and proper disposal of debris/


              2.  Proper maintence of all manicured

                   landscaped area including/ but not limited


              - Mowing, Trimming, weeding

                   - Fertilizing

                   - Raking

                   - Mulching

                   - Planting

                   - Removal of dead and/or decaying  


               3.  Proper maintenance of all natural growth

                  (not manicured) landscaped areas

                   including, but not limited to:

                 - Removal of dead or diseased trees, shrubs, etc. 

                   Professionals will be contacted for large trees or growths  

                  that exceed the capabilities,

                   expertise limitations of staff and available


               - Keeping all paths, hiking trails, etc clear and

                 free from debris

               - Keeping all program equipment in natural growth

                  areas in good, safe, operating condition 

                  including, but not limited to, any ropes courses,

                  exercise courses, tent platforms, etc.

                - Proper and regular inspection and maintenance

                  of stairs, sidewalks, paths, roads and other paved

                  areas, retaining walls, etc. including, but not

                  limited to:

      1. Snow and Ice Management (SIM) is to be done quickly and efficiently to promote safety of employees and visitors.
        1. Snow plowing, blowing, shoveling, brushing as necessary to keep all exterior hard surfaces, decks, porches, etc. free of snow accumulations.
        2. Walks and paths are to be cleared in a manner which demonstrates care for neat, crisp edges.
        3. Snow piles are to be limited in height in highly visible or travelled areas of the site. Large accumulations of snow are to be removed to remote areas of the site with limited visibility and travel.
        4. All exterior hard surfaces are to be treated with natural or chemical materials to melt ice and improve foot and vehicle slip resistance
        5. Chemical materials are not to be used on stairs, decks, porches, and similar surfaces
      2. Replacing, repairing, patching, leveling, sealing, cleaning, etc. of all hard surface paths, sidewalks, roads, parking areas, etc. as directed by supervisor(s).
      3. Maintain all railings in a safe condition free from rust or other deterioration
      4. Cleaning/repair of retaining walls and caps as needed
      5. Maintenance of all site lightingAssistant 


            4. Utilities and Systems: The proper maintenance

                and operation of the Camp utilities and life

                support systems including, but not limited to:


                   1.  Waste Water Treatment Plant & Collection


                   2.  Swimming Pool

                   3.  Electrical Distribution System

                   4.  Site and building Mechanical, Electrical, &

                        Plumbing (MEP) systems

                   5.  Fire and smoke detection and alarm systems

                   6.  Fire extinguishing and/or containment  

                        systems and equipment

                   7.  Telephone and communications systems (in

                        concert with DHQ IT Department)

                   8.  Computer networks and WIFI systems (in

                        concert with DHQ IT Department)

                   9.  Security systems

                 10.  Food refrigeration, freezer, storage,

                        preparation and distribution systems

                 11.  Lightning detection and warning systems.

                 12.  Audio/Visual systems and components

                 13.  Swimming Pool and related components


          5.  Monitoring site and building operations

               including arranging for, and supervision of

               emergency repairs as necessary until

               permanent repairs can be made by



          6.  Interior and Exterior program activity spaces

               and components including, but not limited to:


                1.  Tennis Courts

                2.  Pavilions

                3.  Camp Fire Circle

                4.  Pioneer Camp Sites

                     5.  Recreational Vehicle (RV) facilities

                     6.  Archery Range

                     7.  Livestock corrals


            7.  Livestock Maintenance and care including, but 

                 not limited to:


                 1.  Feeding and watering– and maintaining

                      adequate supply of feed and supplements

                 2.  Cleaning animals, stalls and related areas

                 3.  Monitoring health on a daily basis and

                      contacting veterinarian at first signs of illness

                      or unnatural behaviors

                 4.  Training other staff members, including

                      summer camp staff as directed by supervisor

                      in care of animals and livestock facilities


            8.  Furnishings and equipment monitoring and

                 regular maintenace including, but not limited to:


                  1.  Building furnishings and equipment

                  2.  Maintenance and Housekeeping equipment

                       and materials

                  3.  Maintaining inventory of needed maintenance

                       repair, cleaning tools and materials

                  4.  Machinery and tools

                  5.  All vehicles, golf carts, people movers,

                       tractors, etc.


           9.  Vending machines including, but not limited to

                 inventory, stocking, money collection and

                 counting, repairs, etc.

         10.  Building cleanliness and maintenance as

                necessary to maintain a clean, healthy, safe and

                pleasant environment for Officers, employees,

                visitors and program participant/clients including:

                 but not limited to:


                 1.  Assume direct responsibility for

                      housekeeping/cleaning any areas if required

                      or as directed by supervisor(s)

                 2.  Maintaining adequate inventory of cleaning

                      and related supplies.  Correcting conditions

                      which pose a health or safety threat to building

                      occupants (example: loose carpeting,

                      inadequate ventilation, etc.)

                 3.  Pest control/extermination

                 4.  Wall, ceiling and floor finishes (painting,

                      carpeting, stripping, burnishing/buffing, etc.)

                 5.  Window cleaning

                 6.  Receiving and distributing major deliveries to

                      the proper recipient

                 7.  Cobweb/dust control

                 8.  Bird or animal defecations


         11.  Coordinate and assist with pick-up and delivery

                of various materials and items as directed by


         12.  Serve as back-up to other Maintenance/

                housekeeping staff during their absence due to

                sick or personal days or vacations including

                assuming housekeeping/cleaning tasks normally

                handled by person who is absent.  Such back-up

                duties may be shared with other Maintenace/

                Housekeeping staff.

         13.  Set up, tear down, rearrange furnishings in

                buildings and areas on site where programs are

                scheduled to be held as directed by supervior(s)

                and in accordance with layouts requested by

                program directors/planners.  This includes all

                internal Salvation Army events as well as persons

                or groups using Retreat Center facilities

         14.  Receive training and operate audio visual


         15.  Assist the Food Service Manager in the receipt of

                major food orders for reqular camping periods as

                well as off-season events.  This will include the

                proper placement of food in stockroom areas.

         16.  Assist in the preparation of equipment, scenery or

                special arrangements for events held at Camp


         17.  Render services related to Divisional Events

                which may not be held at camp or tasks associated

                with other properties in the Western Pennsylvania

                Division as assigned supervisor(s).

         18.  Devote full time to work diligently and to use best

                efforts to maintain, promote and advance the

                purpose and reputation of Camp Allegheny.

         19.  Maintain all State of Pennsylvania requirements

                related to the operation of the Waste Water

                Treatment Plant and swimming pool.

         20.  In the absence of the Facilities Manager, provide

                supervision of staff related to maintenance and

                building operations in accordance with the

                policies and procedures stated in The Salvation

                Army Employee manual.

         21.  Any additional tasks assigned by supervisor(s)

                Supervisor may assign direct responsibility to

                any task herein described as "Assist."




    Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


    Must have valid PA state driver’s license to operate automobiles.  Must have physical ability to lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds without the aid of mechanical or electrical equipment.  Must have general knowledge of following subjects:

    1. Automobile mechanics and operations.
    2. Building and equipment repairs.
    3. Operation of building maintenance equipment.
    4. Computer operation and use including word processing and data base software.
    5. All three PA Clearances required upon employment and thereafter upon renewal date: PA Child Abuse History Clearance, Request for Criminal Record, and Fingerprint based federal criminal history.
    6. PA Mandated and Permissive Reporting and The Salvation Army’s KeepSAfe training required.

    Education and Experience: 


    Minimum general high school education. 2-year college or technical school education in construction or building maintenance related to trade preferred, but not required.


    Technical Training and Certifications: Possess or be willing to train and obtain:

    • Maintain current Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator Certification
    • Maintain current Waste Water Collection System Certification
    • Maintain current Swimming Pool Pesticide Applicators Certification



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